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Kanye West Is Not the Problem, We Are - Factz


Kanye West Is Not the Problem, We Are

At what point are we going, to be honest? Kanye West is losing his shit, which either means two things.

  1. He has a new album coming out next week.
  2. He is banned from CVS and cannot get a refill on his meds.

All signs point to number two (in my mind). However, you never know in this world since people buy his TERRIBLE clothing and call it “fashion.” Seriously, nobody wants to wear 3D-printed rain boots or look like Hootie (Yes, that was a Hootie and the Blowfish reference).

Yeezy has left the building, and without Adidas, I don’t see him gaining profits from these hateful rants.

Regardless, we as a community need to stop egging on his manic behavior. Trust me, I’m guilty of it as well … But dude, it’s 2022. Let KimYe go.

I want West to be a fantastic father, not some bitter 5150 regular.

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5 months ago

You think maybe he is just exposing Hollywood? And it’s coming slowly?

5 months ago
Reply to  Billy


5 months ago