Kanye West, Candace Owens and Lizzo: How the ‘White Lives Matter’ Shirt Turned into an Online Rampage

When Kanye West wore a “White Lives Matter” shirt to a Yeezy show in Paris, he knew he would be stoking controversy.

But like most mentally unstable people, he probably didn’t anticipate it would become a complicated and personal issue that would blow up far beyond the original drama.

Over the past 2 days, West has gone on a series of online rants, rampaging in fury over people calling him out for the shirt while, according to him, refusing to show up to support him as a father.

Only Kanye could draw a line from a political fashion statement to people refusing to put up with his self-victimizing, but let’s break it down and see what’s happened so far:

  • On Monday, West wore the infamous shirt to the Yeezy show. Candace Owens showed up in a shirt of her own.
  • Immediately after, celebs began clapping back online, calling him irresponsible (among other unflattering things).
  • West hit back, mocking a Vogue editor’s fashion. He also called the Black Lives Matter movement a scam.
  • Celebs stuck up for the editor, with Gigi Hadid weighing in and calling West a “bully” and a “joke.”
  • West turned the whole issue into the public refusing to support him as a Black father (???) and started in again about the family drama that he claims his kid’s birthday location was hidden from him.
  • Khloe stuck up for West’s ex-wife Kim by saying that West not only knew about the separate birthday but was the one who insisted on it and even attended (which you can only do if you know the location of it, Ye).
  • West called the whole Kardashian family liars and said they kidnapped his daughter to turn his kids against him.
  • Hailey Bieber joined the chorus of voices calling out West’s shirt, and Ye tweeted at Justin Bieber, “Am I canceled again??? Justin, please let me know.”
  • West quoted a tabloid article saying Black academics are on his side about Black Lives Matter being a scam.
  • Candace Owens tried to slam Lizzo’s weight and said she should have put a “White Lives Matter” shirt on the popular singer/performer.
  • West went off this morning, ranting about God and referring to himself as Kimye (a title granted to Kim and Kanye when they were married), “the most relevant performance artist on the planet.” West then called Kim a combination of Marina Abramovic, Marilyn Monroe and Hillary Clinton (how flattering) while calling himself a combo of Joseph Beuys, Andy Kaufman and David Hammons. West said, “I am every artists favorite artist. Im Kims favorite performance artist even though shes a more popular im drakes favorite artist even though hes more pop-pular [sic] no no no I got a better one I’m Drake’s favorite artist even though he’s more drake I feel like megamind.”

….any mental health professionals in the house?


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