Joe Jonas’ Decision to Divorce Sophie Turner Reportedly Influenced by Ring Camera Footage

During the unraveling of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s marriage, an intriguing claim surfaced suggesting that Joe had come across footage from their ring camera that played a significant role in his decision to file for divorce.

Multiple sources near Joe allegedly informed TMZ that he had viewed footage showing Sophie “saying and/or doing something that made him realize the marriage was over.”

Understandably, fans were left highly curious about this mysterious footage, taking to social media to share their speculations.

Now, an insider with knowledge of the situation has reportedly shed light on the content of the footage.

According to US Weekly, Joe witnessed Sophie speaking negatively about him to a friend, which he perceived as “the final straw” in their marriage.

A source stated, “It wasn’t anything more than that, but that was the final straw.”

This development comes in the midst of Joe and Sophie’s contentious custody battle. Last week, news broke that Sophie, a UK native, had filed a lawsuit against Joe, alleging that he prevented the children from returning to their “habitual home” in the UK by withholding their passports in the US. Joe refuted this claim, stating that he could not relocate the children without violating a Florida Court order. An interim consent order later stipulated that the children must remain in the US for the time being, with potential legal consequences for violating this order.