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Jerry Lee Lewis’ Family Gets Their Closure

There was mass confusion last week over the death of Jerry Lee Lewis.

FACTZ can confirm officially from the family that Lewis has passed. TMZ first reported that he died, which was a false report. They tweeted that they made a mistake without apologizing to the family, causing them great pain and anxiety.

Our family source tells FACTZ, “It’s never fun when the media tells you when someone has passed on. Especially when it’s someone you love right in front of you. I got the alert on my phone, and it hurt, but I was relieved knowing it was not real. Yes, Jerry [Lee Lewis] has passed on, on his terms, not TMZ’s terms.”

We wish the Lewis family well and apologize on the media’s behalf.

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Average Joes
Average Joes
4 months ago

Good work FACTZ! Keep everyone accountable.

Sarah Hedge
Sarah Hedge
4 months ago
Reply to  Average Joes


4 months ago

He died three different times last week thanks to TMZ