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January 6 Prisoner Still in Custody Beaten Blind, Tortured - and Government Won't Help Him - Factz


January 6 Prisoner Still in Custody Beaten Blind, Tortured – and Government Won’t Help Him

A rioter arrested for his involvement in the events at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, has been in custody since that day.

But what could have otherwise been an uneventful year and a half in police custody has been a nightmare.

Ryan Samsel was arrested for allegedly hurting a female police officer during the riots, but what he alleges has been done to him since is far more sinister.

On March 21, 2021, Samsel alleges that he was awoken, his hands zip-tied, and he was taken to an unoccupied cell.

There, he says, guards beat him so severely that he lost an eye and tortured him for the 12 hours he was tied to a chair.

According to Samsel, during the assault, he developed blood clots, had his face broken, and a kidney ruptured. He also says he now has precancerous growths throughout his chest.

But the government whose agents harmed him now won’t lift a finger to help him. Because he claims they want him dead.

And other J6 prisoners are alleging that this treatment is standard for them – a dark hint of a militant government crackdown most people would be horrified to find happening in an otherwise supposedly civilized country.

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5 months ago

This administration are letting dangerous criminals roam the streets but locking up someone like this. This is awful and something needs to be done asap.