Jake Paul and Andrew Tate Face Off Again Ringside as Fight Negotiations Heat Up

There are plenty of people out there who would love to see both Jake Paul and Andrew Tate get their clocks cleaned, and soon they may be able to watch their faves smack each other around.

Talks of a fight between the pair have been heating up as behind-the-scene negotiations continue for what a fight between them would look like.

They ran into each other (purely by accident, surely) at the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai this weekend to watch Floyd Mayweather take on Deji.

Things got tense as the two stared each other down and puffed up like roosters. Entrepreneur Tam Khan watches the square-off in a now-viral video, urging them to take their tension to the ring – but they opt not to and instead walk away.

This follows last week face off inside a boxing gym, which Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions uploaded a video of with the caption, “Negotiations.”

It’s clear that the two, performers at heart, are hyping up this rivalry and looking to build anticipation to a fever pitch.

But honestly, just watching them sock each other in the jaw will be worth any wait. Although, who knows, with all that eye contact, maybe they’re falling in love.


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