Is Getting to the “Truth” Transphobic

Matt Walsh did an interview that has gone viral for not being “deeply transphobic,” but for being deeply confusing.

FACTZ and the world try to understand why there is a rooted attack on the Trans community which seems to be placed on them because of misinformation and massive confusion. It seems to be a hot-button topic with no win.

However, in this interview by Walsh, he asks a basic question and seems to get a hostile answer which gives no resolution. It’s sad to see the Trans community go thru public lashings, but they are not doing themselves any favors lately.

They need a speaker and they need to release a worldwide statement for clarity and knowledge or they will constantly be treated like aliens from Mars.

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  • Mass social contagion and social media is responsible for this trans nonsense- in a few years everyone will forget and move on to eyelid piercings or some other such nonsense

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