Iranian President Blames Biden for “Chaos and Terror” in Iran

On Sunday, Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi blamed President Joe Biden for inciting “chaos and terror” in Iran.

Biden waded into the global fray over protests in Iran since they erupted last month over the state-sanctioned death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini.

On Saturday, the US president said, “Iran has to end the violence against its own citizens simply exercising their fundamental rights.”

On Sunday, Raisi struck back at Biden, saying through Iran’s official news agency, “The American president, who allows himself through his comments to incite chaos, terror and destruction in another country, should be reminded of the eternal words of the founder of the Islamic Republic, who called America the great satan.”

Tensions between the Iranian regime and protesters have reached a fever pitch, with thousands likely killed in clashes with police so far and no end in sight. Even Britney Spears finally found out what is going on.


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