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Hurricane Ian to Cost $71 Billion - Factz


Hurricane Ian to Cost $71 Billion

Hurricane Ian has passed, and now for the economic aftermath from Enki Research:

“Ian will certainly be in the top 10 US storms and maybe take the number five slot as most costly. It will be weeks or even months before a reasonably accurate assessment of the impact of this storm will be available, so for now, we have to use computer models. The numbers range from $66 to $75 Billion; the median is $71 billion.”

When it rains, it pours … let’s hope America has enough savings to cover $71B.

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5 months ago

Maybe Joey can stop giving money to Ukraine and do something to help his own country for once.

5 months ago

Global warming caused this. At somepoint we have to WAKE UP to what we are doing to our planet.