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Hillary Duff is Still with Mercedes

My favorite, Hillary Duff, looking radiant for her age. The fantastic mother needs a loyalty shoutout … it’s been a decade, and she is still driving a Mercedes G-Wagon. She has literally upgraded AMGs like her men.

What started as a Comrie flex turned into a G-Wagon obsession. Props to Duff for her dedication and drive.

Duff is selling me … I’m currently looking at the Urus, G-Wagon, and Bentley Bentayga Hybrid for my next ride. Thoughts?

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No Lambo
No Lambo
4 months ago

Nik don’t get a Urus that’s a chick car.

4 months ago

Bro get the G

Average Joes
Average Joes
4 months ago

Hillary Duff is timeless. So pretty no matter the angle.