Hallie Batchelder Says Thou Shalt Not Stay in On a Warm Day

In a new TikTok video, Hallie Batchelder is addressing the concept of “going out too much.”

When the weather is warm, you must go out – those are the rules, Hallie doesn’t make them.

In the video, Batchelder explains that it would be “illegal” if she didn’t go out on a warm day in April, adding, “It’s in the Bible. ‘Thou shalt not stayeth inneth, on a warmeth eve.'”

But she’s still on a health journey, working out more and drinking water. Batchelder says that the water tastes like shit (San Pellegrino, by the way – which isn’t the best choice if you have taste buds).

Batchelder also goes on to say that she has social anxiety so she can’t socialize properly with strangers without a little “liquid courage” – so that water is probably a good idea to stay on top of.


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