Gavin Newsom Will NOT Be Running for President in 2024

The Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, is not saving a spot for himself on the ballet. “I think the Vice President is naturally the one lined up,” he said. Explaining that the people need to “move past this notion” that President Joe Biden is not going to run for a second term.

Newsom says, “President Biden is going to run and looking forward to getting re-elected,” revealing that they are gearing up for the campaign amid the “wallowing” going on around the nation.

Newsom’s initial comment about the Vice President getting her name on the ballot in lui of Biden, to which the Governor responded, “It’s the Biden Harris Administration. So maybe I’m a little old fashion about Presidents and Vice Presidents,” explaining that he was a lieutenant Governor first.

Ultimately, Governor Newsom is staying headstrong over his beliefs that Biden is the one to run in 2024 – not himself. And, if it is anyone else, it would be Kamala Harris, our current Vice President.