Gabby Petito Movie Turns Some Stomachs as Critics Call it ‘Greedy’

It wasn’t that long ago that the country paused to hold its breath and hope against hope that a young woman named Gabby Petito would make it home alive, against all odds.

It’s been about a year since 22-year-old Petito was strangled to death by her fiancé Brian Laundrie (23) on a cross-country road trip.

Laundrie famously returned home without her and then was protected by his parents, who stonewalled investigators desperately searching for any sign of missing Petito.

Laundrie eventually wandered into the woods and killed himself.

Somehow, the Lifetime channel thought this would be the perfect story to turn into a movie that they could use to “explore Gabby and Brian’s complicated relationship and what may have gone wrong during their cross-country trip that resulted in Gabby’s tragic murder.”

Call me a skeptic but isn’t the thing that went wrong the fact that Brian fucking murdered her?

It seems like an attempt to paint them as “a quarreling couple who hit a rough patch and, oh well, someone died, but we can turn it into a killer kink story.”

Lifetime, what the fuck?

Critics have slammed it as “greedy” and “sick,” and with good reason.

But you can bet that when it premieres this Saturday, it will probably do so to a vast audience who will pretend to pinch their nose in disgust but eat it up and chat about it over tea later anyway.

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