Former Google Engineer Says Tech Giants See Staff as ‘100% Disposable’

While most people assume that corporations don’t care much for the little guy, it’s always disheartening to see their fears confirmed.

A former engineering manager laid off by Google has come forward to confirm those fears, saying that the tech titan considers staff “100% disposable.”

Justin Moore, who worked at Google for over 16 and a half years, was one of 12,000 people laid off by the tech giant last week.

Moore write on LinkedIn that he found out about the layoff via an automated account deactivation – at 3AM.

According to Moore, there was no other “information” or “communication” about the layoff. If there was, he wouldn’t have been able to access it anyway – due to the account deactivation.

Moore wrote on LinkedIn, “this also just drives home that work is not your life, and employers – especially big, faceless ones like Google – see you as 100% disposable.”

He added, “live life, not work.”

Moore did add, however, that his time at Google was “(largely) wonderful” and he was proud of the work he did around the world.


  • This is outrageous, Google may have nice work stations for their employees but I can definitely see them being “disposable” to such a giant company

  • Makes sense, if you dont do your job at your best capability, or dont want to, Google will find someone to do it in a heartbeat.

  • To be fair, what giant company DOESNT see their staff/employees as disposable? Think about some other big companies like Amazon, Walmart, Mcdonalds.

  • Google has been doing this for years. How does it take 1 former engineering manager to come out and spill this?

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