Beverly Hills Businessman Tom Nguyen Has a Little Secret

UPDATE: It looks like Tom Nguyen is back up to his old tricks. An image he posted on social media has his “friend” group buzzing. Nguyen posted a flex picture (Vietnam Elon) of his AMEX Black Centurion Card. The only problem is- it doesn’t match the real thing. Maybe Nguyen is so rich he has a 1-of-1 spray paint edition.

The original story is below [September 23, 2022]:

There was a time when Beverly Hills business mogul Tom Nguyen touted the business acumen of his Alenta Global Alliance.

In an internet ad selling potential customers on his business that gave customers access to privileged business portfolios, Nguyen wrote, “At AGA, we identify high-growth segments of the economy where we can establish a competitive advantage and generate superior returns.” AGA looked legit, felt legit – but as it turns out, there was much more simmering beneath the surface, not just a keen business sense.

But the DEA discovered he was running a double business empire as a “high-ranking member of an international money laundering and drug trafficking organization” who sold large quantities of Ecstasy pills, marijuana, and cocaine in Mexico, Canada, California, Arizona, and Florida.

Nguyen suspected that the DEA was on to him, so he utilized his extensive technological know-how to try to dodge their snooping via wire-taps and other tech-centered methods, but in the end, he was unsuccessful.

But breaking it down to the kind of technology he couldn’t block – eyes on the target – the DEA was able to observe drug and money exchanges in LA hotels, the Asian Garden Mall, in South Coast Plaza parking garages, at SoCal gas stations, in a Huntington Beach home, and inside Little Saigon restaurants.

He was arrested and indicted by a grand jury in 2010. Nguyen entered a guilty plea in 2013 and was sentenced to sixty-three months in prison, forfeiting $1,777,783 of his assets.

Now, he’s hoping no one remembers what a shady person he was just a decade ago as he currently, according to his Instagram, manages over 500 million dollars for his clients. FACTZ reached out to Nguyen, but we were immediately blocked and got zero response (besides all his friends contacting us about the email we sent him).

Story developing… And if you are a current client of Tom, please share your experience (good or bad) to save others.


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