Final Primaries are a Wrap for 2022 as Republicans Try to Unseat New Hampshire Dem Incumbent

President Joe Biden was among voters heading to the polls in Delaware today as the last primary elections of the 2022 season wrapped up. New Hampshire, Delaware and Rhode Island make up the final primaries ahead of the midterm election in 2022.

In Delaware, incumbent Kathleen K McGuinness faces a challenge by Lydia York for the Democratic nomination. McGuinness was convicted in July of three misdemeanor counts of public corruption, but one conviction has since been tossed

But it’s New Hampshire that has everyone plugged in and paying attention.

Republicans are going head-to-head for the chance to take on Democrat incumbent Senator Maggie Hassan. Hassan has already been projected the winner of her primary.

Senate President Chuck Morse and veteran Don Bolduc are pressing for the lead to take on Hassan. Democrats have been employing their controversial “back the crazies” approach by throwing their support behind the more extreme candidates, expecting them to be easier to beat in November. In this race, they’re favoring Bolduc.

While Democrats eye the match-up eagerly, Republicans wait to see which way the soul of the party will turn. Towards extremism with Bolduc, or more moderate and traditional conservatism with Morse. The race is too close to call as of the publication of this story.

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