FACTZ Speaks with Chef Mario Carbone of Major Food Group

FACTZ caught up with the genius Chef Mario Carbone.

We pressed him on specific issues, and he made it clear the reservations with third-party club promoters are ‘church and state,’ saying, “We stay out of the secondary market, we [Carbone] do our thing … we focus on the product, it doesn’t matter who is there.”

Mario also tells FACTZ he is not on vacation; the gent is still working. He was in the kitchen last week cooking for “six days straight.” And he also sides with the customers “nine times out of ten.” If they send the food back for poor taste, “they are often right.”

FACTZ asked CMC which celebrity customer geeked him out the most. Surprisingly, his answer was Tony Bennett.

All in all, Chef Mario Carbone is a great guy and a great interviewee. Try PARM restaurant; it doesn’t disappoint.


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