EXCLUSIVE: Tucker Carlson Rejects on Another Interview with Kanye West

Kanye West loved his appearance on Tucker Carlson last week that he wanted to go on this coming Monday, but Fox News wanted no part of it!

FACTZ has exclusively learned West got positive feedback from his interview with Carlson, telling people how it felt like a conversation rather than an interview.

Fox News, however, handled it by saying, “we couldn’t give a 3rd episode to Kanye because it’s not fair to the listeners.”  Realistically, Fox News understands the uproar they would have by having Kanye West on again after his anti-Semitic comments.

Most people would think Fox News would welcome this due to the ratings, but they don’t want to be associated with West’s agenda. A Fox News producer tells FACTZ, “If he had said the things about Jewish people before the Tucker [Carlson] interview, then we wouldn’t have had him as a guest.”

Accept it or not, Tucker Carlson has enormous ratings. Over 4 million people watched the Kanye West interview on his program, but his show is regularly just under that. It gets over three times the size of Fallon’s numbers regularly.

West had no idea how big Tucker’s audience was and was blown away by the response he got; therefore, he wanted to go back on the show.

At the end of the day, Fox News is a business, so I’m sure once West takes his medication … they will revisit.


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