UPDATE – Evander Kane Chronicles: More Domestic Violence – “Punched My Daughter in the Head”

UPDATE 09/21/2022: More violence was inflicted to add to our original story, and FACTZ can confirm a podcast with Evander Kane and Sophie Julia was in process before all our news hit. We have reached out to Julia to get exact details of the show and WHY she opted out.

Anna Kane reflects on a night in Las Vegas (May 2019) where Evander Kane confronts her after losing almost one million dollars playing cards- “work” according to Evander Kane- in the Casino. She says, “Evander came over to see me and smelled alcohol on my breath as I had wine at dinner with the other wives earlier. Behind the closed door, he started to punch me on the side of my head in an area the hair covers my scalp to avoid any bruises being seen. He starts screaming at me for drinking and grabs my shirt, and shoves me against the wall. Again trapping me in a closed room in the corner, smacking my face and threatening to hurt me worse if I ever “disobeyed” his commands of not drinking.”


As the Edmonton Oilers load up on players who are quite the suspects … it only gets worse here at FACTZ. The unwanted gift that keeps on giving Evander Kane with some more alleged domestic violence.

Anna Kane shares more heartbreaking experiences after being moved by yesterday’s truth from Jane Doe 2.

“As I went towards the door, he [Evander Kane] lifted me up by my neck and started choking me violently till I could not breathe. Slamming me into the wall and then into the bed with both his hands pressed around me.

I had visible marks around my neck from him squeezing me so hard and pushing me down on the bed until I was gasping for air, and he finally let go of his hands around my throat after he saw the panicked look on my face. I was screaming for someone to help me. His mom and dad, who could clearly hear me scared for my life, didn’t try to help me at all.”

He [Evander Kane] grabbed me while I’m holding my daughter and pulled me off the chair. In the process, he punched my daughter in the head while trying to grab my upper arms, and the baby started wailing and crying loudly in pain. I cover Kensington with my body, shaking in fear and disgust for this man. I can’t believe someone could abuse their wife while holding their five-month-old baby and hit the child.”

NHL commissioner Gary Bruce Bettman, do we have your attention yet?

If you or someone you know suffers from domestic abuse, please contact the National Domestic Abuse Hotline at 1.800.799.7233.

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