Elon Musk the Jilted Lover? Amber Heard’s Twitter Disappears Days After Her Ex Buys the Company

Once upon a time, a boy loved a girl.

But it was no ordinary boy and no ordinary girl.

It was Elon Musk and Amber Heard, two of the biggest controversial headline makers of the past few years.

In 2016, the two got together but kept their relationship private for a year before doing the “on-again/off-again” dance. They eventually split for good in 2018, and one can only imagine what a breakup between the most dramatic dog owner in the world and an eccentric billionaire must have looked like behind the scenes.

But now, Musk has taken over Twitter, and “mysteriously,” Amber Heard’s account has disappeared.

While some speculate that she may have deleted the account to avoid bad feelings with the platform’s new owner, more believe that Musk himself had it removed.

Speaking of Amber Heard, by the way – Johnny Depp has officially filed an appeal in an effort to gain total victory over Heard. Depp claims that the jury got things wrong when they ruled in favor of Heard on a single count of defamation, and Depp doesn’t think he should have to pay her $2M. Heard has to pay Depp $10.34M, so the $2M seems like chump change – but Depp wants to win decisively with no room left for interpretation as to who the villain of this story was.

According to Depp, it was his lawyer who made the statement which defamed Heard and he shouldn’t be held liable. They’re both appealing, so it remains to be seen who actually “wins.”

But back to the Chief Twit: Musk’s takeover of Twitter hasn’t exactly been popular among celebrities and businesses that work with Twitter’s advertising, but whether or not he actually chucked Heard off the platform remains – for now – a topic of speculation.


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