Drake Joins Grutman for ‘The David Grutman Experience – the Class’ and Drops Details on ‘Her Loss’

David Grutman’s “The David Grutman Experience: The Class at Florida International University” was joined by one of the music kings of Miami this week – Drake.

Drake squeaked into the classroom for the last semester class and joined around 400 students for an hour-long introduction to Grutman’s evolution through the hospitality industry, insights into Groot Hospitality, and more.

While there as the celebrity guest star, Drake dropped advice to the class of hopeful entrepreneurs, explaining how essential relationships are in the business.

He also gave students an exclusive insight into what to expect from his latest album with 21 Savage, “Her Loss.”

The Canadian superstar made mention of his “anti-rollout rollout” and the irony of appearing in Grutman’s class hours before his new album dropped.


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