Donald Trump Says Ron Desantis is “Disloyal” and Lacks “Personality”

Many moons ago, Trump praised DeSantis, considering him a rising star within the Republican Party. DeSantis’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and his alignment with Trump’s policies had earned him the former president’s trust and support. However, now they will be facing each other for the Republican Presidential chair, and the Donald is not happy about it.

One factor that has contributed to the strain between Trump and DeSantis is their diverging approaches to the 2024 presidential race. As DeSantis gains popularity and is seen as a potential frontrunner, he has started to distance himself from Trump’s shadow and establish his own political identity. This move toward independence, coupled with DeSantis’s refusal to adopt some of Trump’s more controversial rhetoric, has caused Trump to view him as disloyal.

Also, it delves into personal issues, such as DeSantis not being present at Mar-a-Lago during Trump’s birthday celebration, which is seen as a symbolic snub. Additionally, Trump’s alleged perception of DeSantis as an opportunist who is leveraging their prior association for personal gain further strains their relationship.

This is going to be fun, buckle-up and get the popcorn ready.

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