Donald Trump is Openly Anti-Semitic and Republicans Don’t Seem Bothered

This week, Donald Trump once again reaffirmed his anti-Semitic beliefs.

And from Republicans: crickets or applause.

The former POTUS regularly uses anti-Semitic tropes, referring to Jewish people as a monolithic group, and entertains stereotypes.

This week, he suggested that Jewish people in the US should be more loyal to Israel – and more grateful to him specifically.

He warned that they should get with it “Before it is too late.”

And from Republicans? Nothing. At least, nothing negative – some have praised the FPOTUS for his open anti-Semitism.

It’s an alarming development in one of the country’s most powerful men, a man who could realistically take the presidency back in 2024.

If he does so, what happens – what happens when it’s “too late?” It’s a question anyone thinking of voting for Trump should make sure they answer first.


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