DMC Speaks Out On Kanye West’s Latest Antics

Darryl McDaniels – aka DMC – is speaking out in the wake of Kanye West’s latest antics.

Photogs caught up with him on the go and asked about what it felt like to work with Aerosmith and collaborate for the first time between rap and rock.

“We changed the world with that,” he responded. They talked about hip hop and the longevity of the genre, despite everyone’s expectations in the ’80’s.

When asked about West, McDaniels responded, “I don’t know what’s going on with Kanye West but let me tell you something about Adidas. Those are MY Adidas.”

He jokes, “There ain’t no Adidas if there ain’t no Run-DMC.”

DMC doesn’t think West being dropped from Adidas hurts them, after all, DMC explains, “He left Nike.”


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