Dave Chappelle Upset with Colin Jost and The SNL Writing Team

There have been a lot of issues with SNL (Saturday Night Live) this week.
FACTZ received reports from other media outlets that the writers were boycotting the show because David Chapelle was hosting. We have exclusively learned that was inaccurate, as there was ONE writer who just considered Chapelle as transphobic and was not excited for him to be the host.
The issue with this week’s episode- Chapelle was not happy with the writers’ work.
According to Chapelle’s camp, “He didn’t think the sketches were good enough” and “had to bring in his own guys to punch stuff up.”
This never goes over well with the writing team, as they will sit back and let them do the job. Chapelle was also very upset with Colin Jost for showing up late to set. Chapelle is taking this very seriously as it’s a big week in SNL right after the election, and things backstage are very tense at the moment.

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