Commanders’ Daniel Snyder: NFL ‘Is a Mafia’, ‘They Can’t F$ck with Me’

Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder is coming out swinging.

He has reportedly told those in his inner circle that he has enough “dirt” on other NFL owners and the league’s commissioner, Roger Goodell, to “blow up” the league if he decides to.

ESPN reported that sources indicate Snyder has said, “They can’t fuck with me.” He has called the NFL a “mafia” and has said that “all the owners hate each other.” A spokesperson for the Commanders denied the claims of Snyder’s statements, calling ESPN’s report “simply ridiculous and utterly false.”

An anonymous NFL team owner scoffed at Snyder’s feelings, saying, “That’s not true. All the owners hate Dan.”

Multiple sources have said that Snyder had law firms and private investigators dig up dirt on other owners and Goodell, targeting at least six owners.

Snyder is pissed because the league investigated him in 2021 for creating a hostile workplace environment, sexually harassing and assaulting an employee, and other egregious behaviors. In July 2021, the NFL fined the team $10M and ordered Snyder to pass control to his wife “for at least the next several months.”

During the NFL’s investigation of him, Snyder reportedly flipped the script and started sniffing around his rivals’ skeletons in the closet.

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