Charles Barkley Agrees to TNT Contract Worth $100M+

Charles Barkley currently has 3 years left on a contract that pays him $10M per season with TNT, but just signed on a new 10-year contract that will net him “well into 9 figures.”

The total amount is currently unknown, but is expected to be well over $100M and could be near $200M.

That of course requires Barkley to complete the contract, which he may not – his retirement is on the table in the next decade according to many. Although Barkley is considered one of the greatest sports studio analysts of all time and has shaped the landscape of sportscasters for many years to come, he could retire comfortably at any point. Barkley is 59.

The new contract happens to coincide with TNT’s deal with the NBA that expires in the 2024-2025 season.

If TNT doesn’t keep the NBA, Barkley may have the right to go work for another network.

Barkley said of the new contract, “We’re all a big family – Ernie, Kenny and Shaquille are brothers to me – and I wouldn’t still be here if it wasn’t for them and all the amazing people who work on our show. I’m not gonna lie, though, this is a life-altering deal. … and I’m blessed to be able to do live television for a living.”