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FACTZ Spots AS Roma Coach Josè Mourinho Buying Bananas

The AS Roma coach Josè Mourinho was in the streets of Rome, Italy. The “special one” was at a fruit stand market looking to buy bananas and other items. Mourinho, who some claim is the greatest manager in world football, Read More…


Fashion Designer Alessandro Michele Having a Romantic Moment in Rome

FACTZ spotted Italian Fashion designer Alessandro Michele, formerly of Gucci, getting a drink with his boyfriend Giovanni Attili in Rome, Italy. Don’t worry; he is rich. I’m learning that most fashion designers look like homeless people. At least, that’s what Read More…


Noemi Bocci on a Pizza Run in Miami Beach

You are probably like … who is Noemi Bocci? Who cares, right? A woman who loves pizza is good enough. However, she is the girlfriend of famous Footballer Francesco Totti. Now you are like … I don’t watch soccer … Read More…