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The GC-22 is Back Under a Different Name – “The Dezirae Deitch Mafia”

UPDATE: According to a third-party submitted source, there is a package under the DD Mafia, and it includes Amal Hamidinia’s ex-lover Adrianna Suchor and Casey Walsh. “Her [Dezirae Deitch] main girls are now: Hannah Howell, Casey Walsh, Emily Cybak, Courtney Read More…

Miami Art Week, Better Known as ‘Art Basel,’ is Upon Us

The first week of December in Miami brings out all the art lovers and “the others.” The Others – a clan of women desperately looking for a Green Card to stay in America. Let this be a warning to all Read More…

The GC-22 is Having a Panic Attack

When FACTZ started looking into the GC-22, a girls club on WhatsApp of 22 women who target rich men from Miami, LA, and NYC, we had no idea there was a bigger mystery to solve. Since we uncovered their illegal Read More…


Beware of the GC-22 Gang

The Black Book Diaries is giving FACTZ more leads into the seedy sex trade underworld. Through our investigation, we have learned of a massive pyramid scheme where a group of 22 women (from LA, Miami, and NYC) called the GC-22 Read More…