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Terrifying Video Shows Man Attempt to Kidnap Barista Through Drive-Thru

A new late night surveillance video from a Washington coffee shop reveals a horrifying assault. A man in a pickup truck reaches over, then grabs the arms of the barista at the window as she attempts to exchange items with Read More…

Doctor Vents as Mandatory Tipping Gets Out of Control

As Labor Unions fight to make tipping mandatory in 2023, customers are not thrilled about the current tipping climate. As this doctor explains— what are we tipping for? Payment processing machines give us no choice (15% minimum), and we only Read More…

Starbucks Closes Seattle Location that Was the First to Unionize

In the newest volley in the war to unionize, Starbucks closed the Seattle location, which was the first one to unionize. Yeah, Happy Thanksgiving. Workers there were the first to organize and vote to form a union in the chain Read More…