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Pete Davidson Plays Pick Up Basketball with the Neighborhood Kids in Brooklyn

Comedian/Actor/Ladiesman Pete Davidson decided he needed some exercise this week and went to a park in Brooklyn, NY, to blend with the local kids and to play in a pick-up basketball game. Sources tell FACTZ that Davidson was pretty decent Read More…


Kyrie Irving Traded to the Dallas Mavericks

The Brooklyn Nets traded (dumped) Kyrie Irving to the Dallas Mavericks. The trade has the Nets getting Spencer Dinwiddle, and Dorian Finney-Smith, first-round and second-round picks for the superstar. Irving gets to leave Brooklyn as he wishes.


Kyrie Irving Supporters Outside of Barclays Center

In an aggressive act of support. A group of Kyrie Irving (activists) fans stood outside Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Their purple uniforms are not quite clear besides the main word “Israel” and the other word “Christ” under it. FACTZ reached Read More…