California Gas Prices to Hit 10 Dollars Per Gallon Next Week

Gas stations are under pressure as some locations in California are already hitting $9.99 per gallon (premium). How is that a bad thing? Because the pump meters are not made for anything over three digits, $10+ won’t fit on the digital or primary display.

According to Gavin Newsom, “Oil companies are ripping you off. Their record profits are coming at your expense at the pump.”

Newsom’s solution is to tax oil companies. Yeah, not really a solution, more of a punishment. Will it work? I’ll let the FACTZ Family decide in the comment chat.

Scary times my friend.


    • He’s full of shit. Claiming that it is because we switched from Summer to Winter. Not even accurate. Suspend the gas tax.

      More of a move to try to switch everyone to EV.

        • @nightowl and @nuclearwintour need to get with reality. The Trump crazy train ended on Jan 6. Stop living in the past and look for solutions. Gas is going to be unaffordable and you too want to be the “I told you so” police. Give me a break.

          • Never forget:

            Rose McGowan repeated an allegation she made against the wife of California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who is facing a recall election this week.

            In her endorsement of Republican Larry Elder, the frontrunner to replace Newsom if the recall succeeds, McGowan repeated a claim she made last week on The Rubin Report, accusing Jennifer Siebel Newsom of trying to silence her before she spoke out about disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein.

          • You are the one that’s living in fantasyland thinking that this is OK. Reality check none of this would’ve happened if Trump was still here. That’s coming from someone who looks at facts and doesn’t base decisions on emotions like most of the left does also someone who DOESN’T ride the Trump crazy train either.

      • Ohh yes Iran is the new Russia. Let’s just keep blaming on other countries and not take responsibility for anything. If I recall we didn’t have an oil issue when trump was running the country. But I gonna guess you prefer high gas over mean tweets.

  • They really need to shutdown the air show in Huntington Beach. The CO2 out out of an air show is insane! Newsom need to shut this shit down.

    • Yeah mixed feelings on this. We keep taxing and it’s a double tax. Gas for military and military itself. Makes me question everything at Top Gun @goose

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