The Weird Intersection Between Sex Toys and Male Pregnancy Simulation

There is a subculture of men and women who like to simulate pregnancy.

Generally, when it comes to the women, they’re either strapping on a fake belly and pretending to be knocked up or transwomen looking to experience the full spectrum of womanhood. It also allows cis men to experience “childbirth” so to say, because why not.

In the latter’s case, there’s a seemingly strange selection of sex toys that double as MPREG (male pregnancy) simulation devices.

Enter: Butt baby.

It sounds too weird to be accurate, but it is.

It’s a silicone sex toy shaped like a newborn baby intended to be inserted up the butt – but not for sexual gratification. It’s a sex toy because of where it goes, not what it does – which is an important distinction.

For people lacking a vagina, it’s a chance to push out a baby and experience childbirth.

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea or, well, cup of booty.

But it’s one of those things where what people do in the safety of their own home that doesn’t harm anyone – probably best left unsaid.


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