#BringBackMasks Trends on Twitter, Leading to Furious Pushback

Twitter today is more contentious than ever, even though that seems impossible since it’s always a battleground of bad moods and attempted one-liner burns.

But #BringBackMasks is trending, and people have some thoughts about it.

Donald Trump Jr. weighed in passionately, tweeting, “Omg, #bringbackmasks is currently trending on Twitter. All of you mentally ill covid freaks are more than welcome to wear masks voluntarily. No one is stopping you. But no more allowing your mental illness and irrational fears to control the lives and behaviors of sane people!”

Doctors and mask proponents fired back with statistics about how many communities are seeing higher COVID-19 spread rates this year than they did this time last year and the fact that pediatric hospitalizations are on the rise.

But others are fed up – refusing to consider a return to masking and even the concept of mask mandates.

Harsh words weren’t spared as many declared, “fuck mask mandates,” and said that people were welcome to wear them if they wanted, but they wouldn’t go down without a fight.

As far as we know, the Biden administration hasn’t even considered sweeping mask mandates, so it may all be much ado about nothing. Some states may still feel it, but it may not be necessary with robust vaccination and booster programs.

Pandemic fatigue would make it a hard sell, even in progressive states.


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