Bob Menery Was FIRED from ‘Full Send Podcast’

The man with the R-rated sports (mainly golf) commentary who went viral for bragging about cocaine and hookers, got the boot. Yes, over many years, Bob Menery has maintained his status as a major figure in the world of social media, which landed him the gig with the Nelk Boys to establish the Full Send Podcast empire.

Unfortunately, it was short-lived due to Menery’s inconsistency and refusal to produce unless paid. Menery self-proclaimed to everyone at the hotel lobby bar during Full Send CEO’s John Shahidi’s wedding he was making $150,000 a month doing the Full Send Podcast. Seemed like a stretch, however he was betting $12,000 a player on PGA golf (via the bar center TV) like a true degenerate.

Menery, who is lost in the wilderness and trying to maintain his love with the much younger Summer Sheeky, pivoted back to his old pod, Ripper Magoos. On the very first episode, he conducted an interview with Tim Bader, also known as Timmy Bounceback or Bounceback Timmy (never heard of him either). In addition, he divulges a great deal of information regarding recent events, including why he is no longer working with Full Send, the presence or absence of bad blood, and other topics. Menery does not specify whether he was fired or resigned from his position, but judging from the comments made below, it seems more likely that he was terminated from his previous job.

Quick answer: He was fired. His actions during the Shahidi wedding were so weird, as if he was high on everyone’s supply. He wasn’t shy, bragging about it later, as he passed out multiple nights leaving Sheeky to fend for herself from the creeps like Steiny.

Menery asserts, at one point, he has evidence to back up his contention that they used him until they no longer required his services. Of course, sources say the opposite. “Bob was asked for a drug test and he refused. We cannot have this type of behavior around the high-profile guests of our show or employees of our company.” Menery removed any and all references to Full Send from his various social media platforms, which is quite sad considering he became a household name from the show with his Trump interview.

On an episode of Full Send, the creator of Nelk, Kyle Forgeard, made a joke about how Bob “burns a lot of bridges.” FACTZ asked for elaboration, but now it has become a legal matter. Yes, we will share the “sober” depositions and we can tell you Happy Dad will probably be present in the depo videos. Their product placement is unparalleled.

As for me, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman (Bill Clinton voice).”


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