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Black Lives Matter Exec Accused of Stealing $10M in Donor Funds - Factz


Black Lives Matter Exec Accused of Stealing $10M in Donor Funds

This may be one of those moments where nothing makes sense about the world – Kanye West is right about something.

Recently, West took heat for calling “Black Lives Matter” a scam – but he’s on to something.

In a lawsuit filed in early September, Black Lives Matter Grassroots sued Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (GNF) for allegedly stealing $10M from donors.

According to the lawsuit, Grassroots accuses GNF exec Shalomyah Bowers and his Bowers Consulting Firm of stealing money from donors to the tune of ten million.

The lawsuit says Bowers used the funds as his “personal piggy bank” and reads in part, “This is the case of a rogue administrator, a middleman, turned usurper, who was hired to collect donations and account for expenditures of the Black Lives Matter movement.”

Bowers also failed to follow an agreed-upon transition plan to transfer GNF over to Grassroots operation, which has hobbled their ability to run the business effectively.

Bowers’ actions have dealt a devastating blow to the reputation of BLM as a movement, and comments like West’s prove that people are skeptical of the charities that paint themselves with the BLM brush – perhaps with good reason.

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5 months ago

Imagine people start calling their banks and reporting them as fraud. Their charge back rate would be insane.

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5 months ago

Ye and Candace bringing down the fraud that

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5 months ago
Reply to  LLL3.0

Ye is racist to his own people.