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Another Nelk Boys Superstar Leaves the Group

Things are shaking up over at NELK Boys HQ after news broke earlier this summer that Bob Menery was fired.

Now, another vital member is out – Jesse Sebastiani.

A founding member of the pranks and cranks YouTube group, Jesse was an integral part of the channel’s success and rocket to superstardom over the past 7 years. Although he was no longer appearing in videos, “MTV Jesse” was still a behind-the-scenes hitmaker who kept the channel on the straight and narrow (relatively speaking).

But now he’s out.

Sebastiani took to Instagram late Monday to write, “Well I guess I owe some people an update. I’ve been pretty quiet socially for the past year working on a new project that I’m amped to launch in the near year called Sunday, and I thought it was about time to break the silence.” Jesse continues, “I have officially exited the company Fullsend/Nelk boys after a solid seven years, been one hell of a run, but I knew it was time for a new chapter. It was a scary decision at the time clearly but couldn’t be happier with where I’m at currently, the creative juices have been flying and I’m ready to start back at scratch with a fresh white board.”

He took a moment to give the fans a nod, adding, “Honestly thanks for everyone who’s ever been involved and for all the people that showed support over the years. For real.. if your reading this and you have been apart of this journey or supported in any way thank you. You helped make a little small town Canadian kids dream come true, Mama bear let’s go get you that house.”

The comments were awash with people wishing him the best and supporting his new direction – a good sign that Sebastiani is on the right track.

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6 months ago

Isn’t Steiny the only Nelk Boy? Never even heard of this guy.

6 months ago
Reply to  Goose

That kid is a joke with not much to offer except a huge ego for absolutely no reason. I don’t see a Nelk future long term for him.

6 months ago
Reply to  Nightowl

Yeah he’s definitely next in line to get the cut. He’s not funny and interviews terribly on their pod.