ABC Executives Refuse to Allow MTV Star Johnny Bananas on Bachelor in Paradise

The hit show “Bachelor in Paradise” and ABC executives turned down an opportunity because they didn’t want to promote another network talent.

Genevieve Parisi, who was trying to win the heart of Clayton Echard, dated MTV star Johnny Bananas years ago.

From what FACTZ is hearing, it was more than a one-night fling, but they were both young and didn’t want to settle down. Years later, Parisi is one of the stars of Bachelor in Paradise Season 8. Producers of the show were aware of Bananas and Parisi’s history and wanted to bring him back to add a little twist to the show as Bananas knows how to perform on Reality TV and has a large following.

The plot line was to see if Bananas and Parisi could settle down OR if they would go hump other people.

But when the producers of Bachelors in Paradise brought the idea to ABC executives, they weren’t thrilled and didn’t want to promote Viacom talent.

There is always a chance Bananas, who is single, is given some role in the series. Still, FACTZ finds it fascinating how ABC executives snub Viacom talent as they always look to put the “gas” behind their talent but not promote talent from a competitor.

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