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5 Daycare Workers Charged after Terrifying Kids Using 'Scream' Mask - Factz


5 Daycare Workers Charged after Terrifying Kids Using ‘Scream’ Mask

Five former workers at a Hamilton, Mississippi, daycare center have been charged after a video showed four taunting terrified children while wearing a mask similar to the movie “Scream.”

The bizarre and traumatizing scene played out at Lil’ Blessings Childcare and Learning Center, with a video surfacing online of the workers putting on the mask and going up to different children. They screamed in the faces of the terrified children as they cried and tried to hide.

According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, Sierra McCandless, Oci-Anna Kilburn, Jennifer Newman, and Shyenne Mills were charged with three counts of felony child abuse.

A fifth worker, Traci Hutson, was charged with failure to report abuse by a mandatory reporter and simple assault.

Sheriff Kevin Crook said in a statement, “As a dad and as someone who has great compassion for those who can’t defend themselves, I admit it was tough to watch these videos today; and my initial reaction was the same as most anyone else I would think … ‘they deserve to be charged.'”

He continued, “Our Investigators do not bring charges based solely on our watching of a video, and we don’t encourage others to run down to Justice Court and start filing away. We need time to dig into a situation and find out what the real facts of the case are … all of them. It made me sick to my stomach to think of the terror those kids were enduring. It still does.”

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