21 Years After 9/11, the Numbers Still Pack a Gut Punch

It’s shocking to say: it’s been 21 years since terrorists flew planes into the World Trade Center and Pentagon, killing thousands and shocking the world.

And even though there have been more than two intervening decades, it isn’t any less painful to remember.

Here are the most remarkable (and tragic) numbers to come from the day the world stood still:

  • 8:46am and 9:02am: When each Trade Center tower was struck by a plane.
  • 56 minutes and 102 minutes: the time each tower burned before collapsing.
  • 12 seconds: the time it took for the towers to collapse.
  • 2,977: The number of people killed on 9/11, including across the four planes used in four coordinated attacks.
  • 3: The number of attacks that hit their targets, including each World Trade Center tower and the Pentagon.
  • 1: The number of planes intentionally grounded by those aboard to avoid more tragedy.
  • 44: The number of people on the plane that passengers intentionally grounded in Pennsylvania, killing all aboard.
  • 23 and 37: The number of NYPD and Port Authority officers killed responding to the tower attacks.
  • 343: The number of fire fighters killed while responding.
  • 115: The number of nations whose citizens were killed in the attacks.
  • More than 1,400: The number of first responders who have died since 9/11 after being exposed to toxins while attempting to render aid.
  • 6,000+: The number of people injured during the attacks or collapse.

Of course, the numbers can’t paint the full picture. They can tell you how many families grieved, but not how deeply. They can tell you how much of a hole was carved into the heart of a nation, but not how it changed. The numbers can tell you where the terrorists succeeded – but not where they failed.

9/11 will forever be a day when the soul of the United States was shaken and emerged a different place, but more than that – it’s a day when Americans learned how much they could endure and overcome. 21 years later, the world remembers loss, tragedy, grief that has not dulled with age – and the resolve that grew from it.

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  • Never forgotten🇺🇸 May we remember this day always and even more so remember the day of Sept 12. A day that America came together as one and was more united than we ever been. A day when America’s soul was shaken and reminded people what being an American was truly about. Families, friends & strangers alike coming together & helping one another and not thinking about anything else. May we remember times like this so that we never have to live thru a tragedy in likes of this ever again.

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