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Zuckerberg Wants People Making Connections, Not Content, While Banking off Your Content - Factz


Zuckerberg Wants People Making Connections, Not Content, While Banking off Your Content

Facebook can be an addictive social media platform that sucks us in for hours each day. A black hole of scrolling and mindlessly consuming content, at times. 

But as it turns out, Facebook founder and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t want you doing just that – or so he says.

On a new episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, Zuckerberg explained, “If you’re just sitting there and consuming stuff, I mean, it’s not necessarily bad, but it generally isn’t associated with all the positive benefits you get from being actively engaged or building relationships.” 

It turns out, Zuckerberg is the only one in the world who still believes that there are positive benefits to social media, and it’s not surprising since he rakes in $12B per year from the overall effect of his tech enterprises. Not directly from Facebook, mind you – since he only makes $1 annually in some grand bullshit show about how he’s not in it for the money.

But we all know that these tech moguls aren’t making money off the relationships we build. It’s the content we create that brings them the dough. It makes them feel good on the one hand to scold us like children for doing exactly what the platform does best, mindlessly scrolling content, telling us instead to focus on one another and making the world a place full of rainbows and shit. 

While they make money off that content on the other hand.

CNBC wrote of Zuckerberg’s experience on Rogan, “Zuckerberg claims his goal for Facebook and the impending metaverse isn’t to make people spend more time on the internet. Rather, it’s to make everyone’s time on the internet more engaging and interactive. ‘I don’t necessarily want the people to spend more time with computers,’ he said. ‘I just want the time that people spend with screens to be better.'” No, spending less time on computers would be bad, right Zuck? That would mean less engagement for the precious Meta growth, especially as it begins forging new paths in the pioneer land world of the Metaverse. 

Of course, all of this glowing hypocrisy is probably due to the fact that Zuck’s umbrella tech company Meta is under growing scrutiny for the damage social media sites like Instagram do to the teenaged brain – but yeah, let’s pretend it’s all about hugging it out over Facebook. 

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