Zelenskyy: ‘Russians, Fight Back If You Want to Survive Putin’s Draft’

Things in the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine took an ominous turn this week.

Russian President (dictator) Vladimir Putin issued a “partial mobilization” of units in his country, which amounts to a draft lite. 300,000 more Russians will join the fight – a blow to exhausted Ukrainian troops.

Along with the ramping up of Russian troops, Putin also warned that countries interfering and providing military assistance to Ukraine could face Russian wrath, and that might include the use of nuclear weapons.

It’s a reactionary flex after Ukraine forces in the north made significant headway in pushing Russian troops back after months of bloody resistance.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed the Russian people yesterday, telling them it’s time to stand up.

In his nightly address, Zelenskyy spoke directly to the people, saying, “55 thousand Russian soldiers died in this war in six months. Tens of thousands are wounded and maimed. Want more? No? Then protest. Fight back. Run away. Or surrender to Ukrainian captivity. These are options for you to survive.”

“Russian mothers! No doubt that the children of the top officials of your state will not be sent to the war against Ukraine. Those who make decisions in your country take care of their children. And they do not even bury your children,” he added.

We now know that when the partial draft was announced in Russia, protests popped up in cities across the country – although they have been trying to cover up exactly how many people were involved. Many people have also been fleeing the country after the announcement.

With the courage, Zelenskyy has shown, his words may have effects – but that may include further enraging Putin, a worrying proposition for the embattled country.


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