Will the ‘My Son Hunter’ Trailer Stay Up on YouTube Now that Trump is BANNED

“My Son Hunter” was brought to life by Unreported Story Society, and it stars Star Wars black sheep Gina Carano.

Laurence Fox plays #HunterBiden – son of US President Joe Biden.

The film is a glorious amalgamation of the worst moments of Hunter’s adult life. From drugs to shady acts with prostitutes, the movie tears away the veneer of secrecy around Hunter’s professional acts (and professional failures), showing the world exactly what may have gone on behind closed doors.

It’s a damning look into how the current Prez of the US may have gained power that the voting population knows nothing about.

But there’s one problem – the project that brought “My Son Hunter” to life is tied closely to Donald Trump, who is now on everyone’s shit list.

Everything tied to Trump eventually gets taken down from YouTube, as the man himself has pointed out on numerous occasions. Whether it’s because of censorship or because his content violates the ToS is up for debate – but there’s no denying the pattern.

So then the question – will YouTube let the trailers and reactions for “My Son Hunter” stay up now that Trump is even deeper in the dog house?

A betting person would go with “no.”


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