WordPress Removes Twitter Social Sharing after Elon Musk Significantly Hikes API Subscription Cost

WordPress has joined a growing list of companies cutting Twitter integrations after Elon Musk’s platform announced new high-priced API subscription plans.

Twitter shut down the formerly free API offerings to developers who wanted Twitter-based apps or integrations.

Instead, companies who want to integrate with Twitter have to subscribe to plans that start at $42,000 per month.

Yes. Start. Per month.

WordPress.com’s parent company Automattic released a statement about the company’s plan to drop the Twitter integrations, titled “The End of Twitter Auto-Sharing.”

Automattic said in the statement, “Twitter decided, on short notice, to dramatically change the terms and pricing of the Twitter API. We have attempted to work with Twitter in good faith to negotiate new terms, but we have not been able to reach an agreement. As a result, the Twitter connection on Jetpack Social will cease to work, and your blog posts will no longer be auto-shared to Twitter.”

JetPack, which automates sharing to a variety of platforms, will still work for platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Tumblr; only Twitter is getting the axe.

Microsoft recently removed Twitter from Microsoft Ads service, and Xbox and Intercom also recently dropped their Twitter tool integrations.

But WordPress may be the biggest blow to Twitter yet. WordPress powers around 43% of the entire web, including hundreds of millions of websites, blogs and ecommerce sites.