Who Is Mandana Bolourchi and Why Can’t She See

If you are thinking, who is this wo-man and why do we care- this is Mandana Bolourchi, the girlfriend of basketball player Patrick Beverly (now a Laker).

Bolourchi was born in 1994, according to all her paid articles online. She is a fashion icon and Rolls Royce collector. Yup, her life is copy-paste.

Now the reason I didn’t skip her over wasn’t because of her Persian cousin’s inherited jawline; it’s much deeper rooted. Ladies, I need you to relax on these eyelashes. Man-dana can barely open her eyes from the weight of the lashes.

Nobody likes to think of a narcotics face or have that person in the group who constantly ruins group pictures, “my eyes are not closed!” And guys hate it when they kiss a woman and the lashes cut them before a chiseled nose.

Trim them down, boyfriend.


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