White House Hired Staff to Block and Deflect Hunter Biden Probe

The White House is paying $265,000 a year in salary to employees whose only job is to defend from all things Hunter Biden.

And you thought your job was superb.

The gents in charge of this mess- Richard A. Sauber, attorney for the Department of Affairs, and Ian Sams, who helped with Vice President Harris’ failed presidential campaign.

Sauber’s salary: $155,000 plus benefits.

Sams’ salary: $110,000 plus benefits.

FACTZ is being told that the Hunter Biden probe team is expected to grow in the coming weeks, and we should see the White House spending millions on this situation soon.


  • Insanity. Just have a quick trial. And off to Club Fed. Doesn’t everyone have an uncle in Club fed or was in Club Fed or should be in Club Fed ? What you Superhero’s think ?

  • Hunter Biden, the boogeyman Republicans use to deflect from the discourse of the numerous crimes committed by the disgraced, twice impeached one term loser, ex-president Adderal Sniffer! Still haven’t been told exactly what horrible things that Hunter did. Did he steal millions from a charity for kids with cancer (wait, that was Ivanka, Eric and Junior)?; did he make $640 million while serving as advisor to the president (wait, that was Ivanka and Jared)?; did he use his father’s influence to obtain over 20 trademarks from China (wait, that was Ivanka)?; did he sell Classified secrets to the Saudis and in return receive $2 billion for an investment fund that he has no experience in running (wait, that was Jared)? Gee, if this level of corruption goes unpunished, what Hunter did must be a doozy! My suggestion to all you triggered snowflakes who find it impossible to defend the crimes and corruption of Orange Hitler and his crime family: if you don’t like Hunter Biden, don’t vote for him!

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