Where is Amal Hamidinia aka AJ HAMM?

As I embarked on my first Hochstein Halloween Ball, everyone approached me to shake my hand.

It wasn’t to say hello or that I looked terrific as Purple Miami … it was because FACTZ exterminated AJ Hamm, whose real name is Amal Hamidinia.

A hot chick at Lenny’s party stated, “Nik, you don’t understand. AJ [Hamm] would stalk me and not leave me alone. Everything you said in your article was spot on.”

One of Lisa Hochstein’s guy friends told me, “Do you understand he has been at this party for ten years straight! He [AJ Hamm] fell off the face of the earth.”

[For the record: Lisa tells FACTZ she is single and dating. She does not have multiple boyfriends. Her quest for true love continues.]

I even met with AJ Hamm’s old employer, Persian Tom Cruise; he hugged me and said, “Thank you.”

Everyone needs to know it’s only the start of week ten at FACTZ … let me get our development structure right, and then it is GAME ON. Everyone will be held accountable.

Live by the code, and be a good person.


  • You should add to that article that Lenny was all over a specific girl I can send you photos and allegedly they were making out and allegedly they left in the Rolls-Royce to go to the other events wall he shipped off his supposed girlfriend to Austria.

  • I met AJ one time. He invited me to a rented home in Hollywood and locked me in the theater room until I made out with him. It was so scary. That’s Hollywood tho he is no different.

  • Any updates here? I have heard about 30 reasons why this guy is a dumpster of human.

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