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When UPS Drivers Attack - Dana White's Power Slap League is a Viral Hit (Literally) - Factz



When UPS Drivers Attack – Dana White’s Power Slap League is a Viral Hit (Literally)

Instagram is buzzing over last night’s Power Slap League Kumite tournament, much like how UFC started as a death battle. The PSL doesn’t seem to have real rules. It’s slapping another man unprotected until he is concussed. Sounds athletic?

Fmr Nevada Athletic Commission Chairman Regrets Sanctioning Slap Fights

FACTZ spoke with Meta to see if this violates their violence policy. Like all things Meta, they don’t work weekends, so we have yet to receive a statement. One thing is for sure; the memes are coming out faster than anyone expected.

Even JJ is using this league as his national anthem.


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The real Mr. Olympia
The real Mr. Olympia
20 days ago

This sport should be illegal. Someone will die soon. Watch.