What Are You Trying to Achieve Joe? Sherrif Joe Lombardo Propagates Trump’s Big Lie

Las Vegas Sheriff Joe Lombardo took the stage recently at a Trump rally in Minden, Nevada, that featured an all-star lineup of election deniers, including Adam Laxalt, Michele Fiore, Sigal Chattah and Jim Marchant. Regardless of what you think of Joe Biden as president, the fact that these hopeful office-seekers are using Trump’s Big Lie as a political platform is troubling, to say the least. And also shows they have no other political leg to stand on.

The FACTZ of this insanity results in one or both of the following scenarios. 

  1. Laxalt and Lombardo genuinely believe in Trump’s idiocracy. If that is the case, they should join their fellow January 6 insurrection bros in the federal penitentiary. The fact that Nevada would consider electing politicians that believe this is shocking. A major alarm should be sounding. If you elect a politician who discredits the democratic process, what do you think you get? A dictatorship! 
  2. They are using the Big Lie to their advantage—knowing it is complete bullshit—to sway radical conservative voters, who they believe is the golden key to the election. The Tide Pod challenge was also “popular,” friends but oh yea, LETHAL.

Also, in a considerable step of hypocrisy, Laxalt is running on the platform that crime is overrunning America because of Democrats, all the while sharing the stage with Lombardo, who is, in fact, the Sheriff of Las Vegas and should, in theory, be the one responsible for the crime rates in its largest populated area. That apparently went over everyone’s heads, including Trump’s.

“Under Steve Sisolak, your crime-loving governor and the radical left Democrats, the streets of our once great cities are drenched in the blood of innocent victims,” Trump said while referencing a Las Vegas Strip stabbing. Apparently, he forgot that the chief law enforcement officer for the area was sharing the stage with him.

Nevada early voting begins in under two weeks and the races are heated with Laxalt running against Catherine Cortez Masto and Lombardo facing off with Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak. 

At the rally, Lombardo alarmingly said, “… Donald J. Trump. I’m going to say it to you all up front. I want to thank him from the bottom of my heart for being here today and helping us achieve what we’re trying to achieve.”

What exactly are you trying to achieve, Joe?

This group will do anything and say anything to win—including lie, lie and lie again, backpedal and attempt to destroy democracy.

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  • Joe is probably reading this since he loves himself like Trump. I hope someone submits this guys adultery.

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