Vogue – Please Don’t Hurt the Children

FACTZ is concerned about reality. There is no judgment here. I want to ensure everyone understands that I came back because the messaging we create for our children is WAY off. Above, you see Elsa Hosk, a normal-looking model in my eyes. She is shooting for a low-end designer because she looks “too pretty,” and Victoria’s Secret is going in a different direction.

I’m all for eating Big Macs to help a modeling career, but Vogue is like eating Taco Bell, Jack, Del, and a frap from Starbucks as a daily personal pilates diet. What world are we living in? No dude is getting a Master Greg to this! What happened to honesty? I am distraught.


  • This promoting of unhealthy body types to join the woke body movement needs to end. Can we please go back to modeling being a profession and not a reward. Also while we are at it can Victoria Secret please bring back the angels. Thx

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